American History Project 2010

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I’m working on a series of landscape photographs that deal with American history. With a camera, I’m interested in exploring Americans’ relationship with their own history. In some ways this is un-American. We are a people continually looking forward, and rarely reflect upon the past except in a superficial and irrelevant way. This makes the story difficult, but all the more interesting on those rare occasions where I find the past still having a direct meaning in our lives.

From Plymouth Rock, where the pilgrims first landed, to the Stonewall Inn in New York City, from the Japanese internment camps in the Western desert, to the abandoned lots where the General Motors plants stood in Flint Michigan, this land is filled with fascinating historical sites that represent a living history, a past that is being built on top of itself each and everyday. For those of us who care to look, this is where the incredible sorry and beauty of history is to be found; here, amongst us all.

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